Community Service

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Suncoast Community High School 2018-2019
Students of the Palm Beach County School District are required to obtain a minimum of 20 community service hours to graduate from high school. The following guidelines must be followed to participate in community service activities that are considered “acceptable” for the graduation requirement:

◈ Community service is defined as non-paid volunteer work with a non-profit
agency. Students may begin accumulating service hours as early as the summer
prior to entry of the 9
th grade year.
◈ Service should benefit the community at large. Working solely for an individual
will not be acceptable.
◈ A student can work up to 8 hours per day on a project (to prevent mission trip
students from counting 24 hours each day for every day of the trip).
◈ Service with a religious organization - when not a part of the regularly
scheduled service/ceremony or an educational program.
◈ Participation in the arts when the performance is free to the public or serves as
a fundraiser for a segment of the community.
◈ Hours must be documented in writing, either on a common community service
log (generated by the School District) or on letterhead from the organization
being served.
◈ Hours may be applied to the graduation requirement as well as another
organization’s guidelines and/or the requirements of the two courses in which
students can earn ½ elective credit (#2104330 – Voluntary School/Community
Service and #0500370 - Voluntary Public Service).
◈ Parent notification of the community service requirement is necessary. A
school generated notice will include the necessity of parental
knowledge/supervision while students are engaged in community service
◈ Students who do not have access to community service opportunities must be
provided opportunities on the school campus. It is the student’s responsibility
to alert the school Guidance Department that he/she is in need of school access
to community service.
◈ The absolute deadline for submitting community service hours to the Guidance
Department the first week in April of the senior year.
◈ Students who have not completed the community service requirement by the
graduation date may participate in the graduation ceremony. However, they
will not receive their diploma until they complete their service obligation.
◈ Organizing and collecting canned goods, clothing, or book drives for a
community in need does qualify as community service.
Does not qualify as community service:
◈ Working with a political campaign – benefits one individual and involves
monetary gain
◈ Rehearsal time for participation in a fine arts or performing arts program.
◈ Practice time for sports and band.
◈ Parents cannot sign to verify their child’s participation in a community service
◈ Club meetings to organize community service activities.
◈ Bringing in canned goods (from home) to gain community service hours.