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Suncoast Charger Teams and Coaches

Fall Sports

Football, Timotheus Granger
Bowling, Boys and Girls, Vladimir Gawlikowski
Cheerleading Sideline, Varsity, Kristy Seidel
Cheerleading Sideline, JV, Kristy Seidel
Cross Country, Girls, Vincent Watson
Cross Country, Boys, Vincent Watson
Volleyball, Girls, Christian Spence
Golf, Girls, Molly McCann
Golf, Boys, Kelli Erianne
Swimming, Valerie Newcomer


Winter Sports

Competitive Cheer, Kristy Seidel
Cheerleading Sideline, Setutsie Dennis
Girls' Soccer, Terry Robinson
Boys' Soccer, James Evans
Girls' Basketball, Chelsie Wiley
Boys' Basketball, Jason Powell
Wrestling, Daniel Tria
Weightlifting, Girls, Molly McCann

Spring Sports

Softball, TBD
Baseball, Jimmy Beno
Track and Field, Boys and Girls, TBD
Boys' Lacrosse, Sean Denes
Girls' Lacrosse, Chelsie Wiley
Weightlifting, Boys, Timotheus Granger
Flag Football, Jason Powell
Girls' Tennis, Vladimir Gawlikowski
Boys' Tennis, Richard Harr
Boys' Volleyball, Christian Spence
Beach Volleyball, TBD
Water Polo Girls', Valerie Newcomer
Water Polo Boys', Valerie Newcomer 

Athletic Director, Kelli Erianne