Kara Macsuga

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I'm a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in the area of Social Studies - History/Adolescence and Young Adulthood with my passion laying in the field of AP World History. I am a Table Leader for the College Board at the Reading in Salt Lake City during the summer to score the exams for the AP exam and a Consultant that trains other AP World teachers. I am also a Khan Academy Ambassador who helps other teachers utilize this techtool to the fullest potential to help their students. 

On campus, I run the NHS, FCA and First Priority Clubs. National Honor Society is 300+ members strong, while the Fellowship of Christian Athletes club is around 200+ members strong (meetings are on Thursdays at lunch in room 101).  First Priority tends to be a more intimate club of around 25 students who want access to a Bible study. 

My room is open for WHAP lunch help on Monday and Tuesdays.  

 As a mother of three, I am much more adapt at answering emails than phone calls. I am tech savvy and completely digital in my platform for my class. As I begin my 20th year as a teacher in Palm Beach County, I believe that this generation of learners are digital natives and needing guidance in becoming upstanding, digital, global citizens of tomorrow is more important than ever.

NHS Meeting Dates: 9/11/18 Tuesday

10/9/18 Tuesday

11/8/18 Thursday*

12/11/18 Tuesday

1/10/19 Thursday*

2/12/19 Tuesday

3/12/19 Tuesday

4/9/19 Tuesday

4/15/19 Monday Induction Ceremony

5/14/19 Tuesday  Elections