Health Room

Parent Guide for Medications at School

The following is required before any medication/treatment can be taken by or
administered to or by a student on school grounds. This includes medications, devices
or other medical supplies that are kept in the health room or a student may carry on
his/her person including but not limited to an insulin pump, insulin injection devices,
inhalers and EpiPens.
 Physician’s Authorization for each medication or treatment
 You will obtain this from your child’s provider and it can be faxed to me at the
number below
 Needs to be signed by both the prescribing physician and the parent/guardian

 Medications
 In original container with pharmacy label
 Not expired
 Label must match the prescribing Physician’s Authorization
 When filling prescriptions to be kept at school, please request the pharmacy
label’s expiration date to state, “See Manufacturer’s Medication Expiration Date.”
 Must be delivered to the school by an adult and counted/signed in with the nurse
or health room designee
 Recent photo of your student to be attached to the medication/treatment
administration record for identification purposes

Parent Guide: Too Sick for School

Home is the best place for a student who is ill. There are also some conditions that
require a student to be out of school, such as a fever of 100 or greater or

Does your child have any medications they need to take? If they do, please take a look at the following guide.
Parent Guide for Medications at School

Is your child feeling sick? Take a look at this guide to determine if they should go to school. 
Parent Guide Too Sick for School